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It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made,
it's simply transferred from one perception to another.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates


  • - Quotes of all financial instruments offered by us are formed as mix/pool, coming from the biggest and most reputable international banks and prime brokers involved in the Forex market.
  • - No Dealing Desk, Direct Market Access. Absolutely all customer orders are executed to / from, the largest and most reputable global banks and prime brokers in the Forex market.
  • - Automatic, lighting fast execution of client orders / NDD, DMA/. Without broker intervention or conflict of interst on the Forex Market. (no orders coming from cent accounts) 
  • - Up-to-date modern and reliable servers provide security and instant execution of client orders.
  • - Quoted currency pairs to the fifth digit, which allows us to be more precise in the proposed bid and the ask in comparison to other brokers in the Forex Market.
  • - We offer both basic and exotic currency pairs, which allows for profiting from many financial instruments.
  • - Varchev Finance’s MT4 platform executes orders starting from 0.01 lots, or the equivalent of 1,000 currency units of the base currency, which allows to minimize the risk and / or a perfect market environment for FOREX traders with small accounts.
  • - The friendly broker team of "Varchev Finance" is available to customers 24/5
  • - Daily analysis and direct chat with a broker
  • - "Varchev Finance" is a company with 22 years of experience in the field of currency trading

Shares and share trading

  • -Stocks are the one of the most popular trading instruments. With MetaTrader 4 platform, "Varchev Finance can trade European and U.S. stocks as CFD ( contract for difference). The main advantage of CFDs is the lack of stock delivery, each sale can bring you profit within minutes, without waiting for settlement of the transaction ( the actual delivery of the asset), thus minimizing the cost of opening and closing a position. If you think a stock will "fall", you can take your short position (sell) or if you believe the share price will "rise", you can borrow a "long"position (to buy the asset), thus benefiting from the upturn. 
  • -MT4 platform of "Varchev Finance" executes orders starting at 0,01 lots, or the equivalent of one share of the company, which allows to minimize the risk and ensures a perfect market environment for stock traders with small accounts. 
  • - Taking of "long" and "short" positions. Trading at high-volume shares through leverage (1:10) by Varchev Finance Instant Access to global stock markets using the resources of  Varchev Finance
  • - Trading shares with the same account with which you trade currencies
  • - No physical delivery of the asset- you can buy and then immediately sell each share without having to wait for physical acquisition, achieving fast profit from the price change of the underlying asset.
  • - High liquidity and immediate execution of orders by Varchev Finance
  • - Only $0,05 commission per share, without a minimum fee for a deal

In case you are not familiar with the market conditions and the shares of the company you want to invest in, it is recommended to contact your financial advisor. You can rely on the professional help of "Varchev Finance" and the expert advice of our talanted financial experts.

Forex Trade 

Currency trading from all over the world using the Varchev Finance trade platform.

Freedom to trade from every location at some of the lowest spreads on currencies and with the best quotations. 

"Varchev Finance" does not charge commissions or other fees regarding Forex trading through the MetaTrader4 platfrom or over the telephone.

We offer both basic and exotic currency pairs, which allows achieving profit from a wider range of financial instruments. 

  • The MT4 platform of "Varchev Finance"executes orders starting at 0,01 lots or the equivalent of 1000 currency units of the base currency, which allows a minimization of risk and offers a perfect market environment for FOREX trades with small accounts.
  • No Dealing Desk, Direct Market Access. Absolutely all customers orders are executed from and to the largest and most reputable global banks and prime brokers on the Forex Market.

Stock Exchange

Take your place at the stock exchange.

The stock exchange is a specialized financial market where a trade with securities occurs ( shares, bonds, etc.) Deals on the stock exchange are performed from capital traders through brokers. The dynamic develpoment of internet and computer technology made trade trade less reliant on physical contact or location. "Varchev Finance" is a leading financial company that provides prime broker services to the capital markets, advisory and investment brokerage. In addition, we provide direct access service. This is a service which allows the market participants to trade shares, indices, futures and options at key global stock exchanges. The Bulgarian public companies are listed on BSE and " Varchev Finance" also assist you with trading securites on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.